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The Compact Kitchen: Creative Storage Solutions for Maximum Space by Kitchen Designers

The Compact Kitchen: Creative Storage Solutions for Maximum Space by Kitchen Designers

Many people go small in the recent years with the rise of tiny homes or just with a rise of house prices. Small kitchens, while charming, can pose a significant challenge – where do you put everything? With a little ingenuity and the help of some clever storage solutions, you can transform your tiny kitchen into a haven of functionality and style. Kitchen designers understand this struggle all too well. They’ve honed their skills in creating efficient layouts and maximizing every square inch.

Taking Advantage of Vertical Space:

  • Up, Up, and Away: Embrace the power of walls! Kitchen designers often recommend installing cabinets that extend all the way to the ceiling. This creates valuable storage space for seldom-used items like seasonal dishes or holiday platters. It may be hard for short people, but there a solutions too, like folding ladders or step stools.
  • Shelving Solutions: Floating shelves are a fantastic way to showcase beautiful dishes or cookbooks while keeping them readily accessible. Consider open shelving for a light and airy feel, or closed cabinets with glass doors for a more polished look.
  • Pot Racks on Parade: Usually pots and pans take up most space on the kitchen. Hanging pots and pans frees up precious cabinet space and adds a touch of rustic charm. Ceiling-mounted pot racks are perfect for high ceilings, while wall-mounted ones work well for lower spaces.
  • Magnetic Marvels: Utilize magnetic strips on your backsplash or cabinet sides to store knives, spatulas, and other metal utensils. This keeps them within easy reach and adds a sleek, modern touch.

Maximizing Cabinet Space:

  • Divide and Conquer: Kitchen designers often suggest installing drawer dividers or cabinet organizers to maximize space within cabinets. This helps you categorize items and prevents clutter from taking over.
  • The Power of Pull-Outs: Deep cabinets can become black holes for forgotten ingredients. Consider installing pull-out shelves or lazy Susans to access everything easily and avoid the dreaded cabinet avalanche. Or in a small kitchen you can install really shallow kitchen cabinets where everything will be within reach.
  • Tiered Shelving: Utilize risers or tiered shelves to create additional storage space within cabinets. This allows you to stack dishes or store taller items efficiently.
  • Over-the-Door Organizers: Don’t neglect the backs of cabinet doors! Hanging organizers with clear pockets are perfect for storing spices, dish towels, or even cleaning supplies.

Utilizing Unused Areas:

  • Corner Cleverness: Awkward corner cabinets can be transformed with clever storage solutions. Install pull-out corner shelves or a rotating carousel to maximize accessibility. Kitchen designers can recommend space-saving corner cabinet configurations.
  • Under-the-Sink Savvy: The space beneath your sink is a prime location for hidden storage. Look for under-sink organizers with tiered shelves or sliding drawers to maximize this often-neglected area.
  • Appliance Caddies: Rolling appliance caddies tucked beside the fridge or oven provide extra storage for small appliances you don’t use daily.
  • Windowsill Wonderlands: Don’t underestimate the potential of your windowsill! Install a small herb garden or use it to display decorative items that add personality to your kitchen.

Creative Storage Hacks:

  • Pegboard Powerhouse: A pegboard on the wall offers a versatile storage solution. Hang hooks, shelves, or baskets to store utensils, dish towels, mugs, and even cleaning supplies.
  • Magnetic Spice Tins: Decant your spices into sleek magnetic tins and adhere them directly to your fridge or backsplash for easy access and a touch of industrial chic.
  • Ceiling Hooks for Hanging Herbs: Free up counter space by hanging potted herbs from the ceiling with decorative hooks. This adds a touch of greenery and keeps your herbs thriving.

Beyond the Cabinets:

  • Rolling Island Magic: A mobile kitchen island with built-in storage can be a lifesaver in a small space. It provides extra prep space when needed and folds away when not in use. Kitchen designers can help you design a custom island that perfectly fits your needs and space.
  • Folding and Collapsible Furniture: Folding tables and chairs are perfect for small kitchens. They offer essential dining space when needed and fold away compactly when not in use.
  • Multi-functional Marvels: Look for furniture that serves multiple purposes. Ottomans with built-in storage or a dining bench with hidden compartments can help you maximize space without sacrificing functionality.


  • Declutter Regularly: Regularly purge your kitchen of unused or expired items to prevent clutter from taking over your storage solutions. Have a week out of the month without shopping and just clean up and finish what you have. Do you have cans of beans from 4 years ago? Use them up!
  • Label Everything: Labeling your shelves and containers will help you stay organized and make finding what you need a breeze. Create a system for you kitchen, where baking supplies, canned food, teas & coffees all have their own space.
  • Embrace Minimalism: Opt for sleek, clean lines and avoid overcrowding your shelves to create a sense of spaciousness.

By implementing these creative storage solutions and keeping a decluttering mindset you can transform your small kitchen into a haven of functionality and style. Kitchen designers are experts at maximizing space and creating efficient layouts. Consider consulting a professional to get personalized recommendations and solutions for your unique kitchen.

Bonus Tips:

  • Play with Lighting: Good lighting is essential in any kitchen, but especially important in small spaces. Strategically placed lighting can make your kitchen feel larger and brighter. Fixture under the cabinets that illuminate countertop are really great idea to make your space cozy and bright.
  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Incorporating a strategically placed mirror can create the illusion of a larger space by reflecting light and adding depth.
  • Embrace Open Floor Plans: If your kitchen opens into another room, consider an open floor plan to create a more spacious feel. Kitchen designers can advise you on the feasibility of knocking down walls to achieve this.

Remember, a small kitchen doesn’t have to limit your culinary creativity. With a little ingenuity and these clever storage solutions, you can have a space that’s both functional and stylish. Unleash your inner chef and get ready to cook your best meals in your compact kitchen!

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