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Enhancing Business Operations: 6 Everyday Uses for Screen Recording

Enhancing Business Operations: 6 Everyday Uses for Screen Recording

Screen recorders are an essential tool these days; it’s a fact. And not just for creating Tik Tok videos. There are actually multiple benefits that you can gain from screen recorders that will enhance your communication and productivity in the office.


Practical applications for screen recorders


Now let’s take a look at several specific examples of ways that you can use a Mac screen recorder to enhance productivity and make your work life easier, both for everyday uses and more occasional ones.


  1. Employee training and onboarding videos


Having an employee manual is fine, but they are relatively ineffective. What works much better is creating clear, step-by-step instructional videos on for improving training sessions with screen recording and onboarding procedures. 


Your company certainly has its own unique standards and methods. Staff members can go back through screen recording videos wherever and whenever they need. You can also write and draw on the screen, and provide voice-overs, when necessary.


  1. Create instructional videos for new tasks


Similarly, you can create instructional videos for new software that you might be introducing, practical tasks such as creating expense reports, and any number of other things that you might need to teach your staff.


Some programs will even have ready-made templates available for you to fill in with your own company information and instructional needs. All you need to do is add the specifics.


  1. Create how-to videos for your products 


If you have products which require explanation for their usage, creating how-to videos to explain them can be a great way to help customers understand them better, and also bring in new customers.


You can put these videos on your website and social media, and illustrate to potential customers how easy your products are to use. They can be very effective in helping your marketing efforts.


  1. Recording meetings with important information


Many meetings have specific purposes behind them. You want to be able to record this information and share it with staff members later on. One of the advantages of screen recorders is that you can cut out important segments, draw on-screen, and isolate what you need to show people later on.


  1. Create “explainer” videos


Not all procedures are obvious to employees. If they were, there would be no point in providing training at all. This is why it is important to have “explainer” videos to illustrate how certain processes came about and what the logic behind them is.


Sometimes it is important to go back to the beginning to see how progressive a certain type of software, process, or new product is in comparison to old ones.


  1. Make a FAQ video


Many businesses know that they should have a FAQ section on their websites. Even better is doing this via video. You can make a video in which people can easily reference specific questions and find verbal explanations to them. Some answers might require a visual demonstration, and you can provide this as well.


Find the best recorder for you


There is a wide range of screen recorders out there. In order to choose the best option for you, think about your priorities and what you want to accomplish. Then you will be able to make an educated decision.


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